Purpose & Plans

Before I go any further here, I wanted to fully flesh out what I plan to do with my site and blog going forward. Although this began because of a final project for my technical writing class in college, this is also a passion project I always wanted to build. I admit web design is not my favorite. I wish all the layouts and designs would fall out of my head and onto the screen. But being able to finally share all the ideas in my head outside of microblog form (Twitter and Instagram) is satisfying and exciting.

Firstly, I’m pretty happy with how my home page is shaping up so far. Though the home page is quite simplistic, simplistic helps me keep up with it considering I do have a full time job, I am in college, and I am also training for management at work. Being able to easily edit on the occasion rather than every day is imperative for me to be successful here. So to lay out expectations for posts, I plan to have one per week. I also plan to update the Elder Scrolls playlist link once per month and will add more helpful button links as I go.

I do plan to add a couple more web pages outside of the blog itself one day. It’s important to note that this idea is further out in the future once I have more content to create said pages. But the additions to the home page will likely feature a page just for ESO home design and a page for upcoming ESO content. The housing page will feature any blogs I’ve written on home design, some helpful tips, links to appropriate sites that feature how-to’s and screenshots, and finally a feature of another player’s magnificent design once per month. The upcoming ESO content page will feature patch note excerpts, links to helpful guides and forums, screenshots you won’t find on my social media, and reviews. This page will also feature any test server housing content, which I will not have on the housing page itself.

Seaveil Spire Just Screams Self-Care Center, Don’t You Think?

But what of the blog itself? I want to sprinkle in a wide range, but I do plan to keep the focus on Aurora. I’ll have an introduction to update y’all on what I’ve been up to in and/or out of game, then I’ll dive right into some storytelling. At one point, I’ll be creating Elias, a former pirate captain who has a very important connection to Aurora. I will also tell his story, which already has a rich background. Yar. I will also sometimes include in depth descriptions of my most recent housing designs that I complete at the end of each ESO content. This would likely end up being once per month. I’ll include screenshots, lore background, and how I designed any cobbled or unique features. Within posts, I’ll continue to link my screenshots back to where they are posted or even link them to helpful videos or posts (like linking Seaveil Spire to Alcast’s tour on YouTube, as done above).

Check Out the First Blog Post by Clicking the Image!

As of now, that’s the plan! Please be sure to let me know what you think. Is there more that you’d like to see here? Do you have any questions about the plan going forward? Let me know here or on any social sites! Thank you for the support. I honestly did not have expectations of anyone viewing my little blog and website, considering the professionalism that many other fabulous content creators bring to the table. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy where we go from here! Also thank you to the wonderful developers at Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios for creating this world and allowing us players to let our imaginations run wild with it. My life is permanently impacted because of you.

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