Home Designs: PC-EU 2022

This post will be specifically to list any homes I design in ESO during 2022! I’ll include a cover image, brief description, and links back to where you can see more screenshots, posts, and details. Once I begin blogging the design process, I’ll also link the homes back to the post, so you can easily reference a year’s work! This post will be updated after every project completion.

Black Vine Villa is a small home in Malabal Tor just outside of Bandaari Trading Post. This home was created with the story in mind that it was gifted by the Aldmeri Dominion. The Altmer home was a thank-you for her continued aid, essentially telling her she is volunteered to keep assisting them going forward. At this time, however, Aurora has been grappling with her abilities going out of control, fighting her fear of it but failing. You can see where she loses control in and out of the home, but you can also see that what is created is not evil. Simply wild. At the end of it all, she must learn to stop wrestling with what was given to her and work with it. Whether she wants this power or not, it’s a part of her and can greatly benefit her life if she develops discipline and patience. You can see more on the home on Twitter and Instagram.

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