Fifty Aurora Facts: 2022

It’s a Fact That Aurora Loves Horses
  1. Coffee is her favorite drink of all time and has been since her first sip at age 12.
  2. She does not prefer to drink alcohol if at all possible. She doesn’t like the feeling it gives her or how others act around her when inebriated.
  3. She is a fantastic cook, even if it’s a newer skill for her. She loves to experiment with seasoning and ingredients as if it’s a potion.
  4. Her favorite color has always been turquoise. She loves the stone, the dye on clothing, and tropical oceans with the hue.
  5. As of Reaper’s March, Second Seed of 2E 583, Aurora is 21 years old.
  6. Her birthday is the 7th of Evening Star.
  7. She has no idea where her passion for her interior design came from, but the more homes and businesses she builds, the more she wants.
  8. She hates dresses. Hates. Convincing her to don an outfit without the comfort of pants is quite the feat.
  9. Of all the weapons Aurora has used thus far, the bow was her favorite. Archery feels natural to her, and she likes keeping a distance.
  10. Her first crush was Jakarn, though this occurred before she understood her hormones and natural attraction. Once she figured out what attraction actually felt like upon meeting Svana, she has since been mortified that she ever “liked” him.
  11. She keeps moon sugar on her at all times. Not because of anything skooma related or because she has an incurable sweet tooth. She simply has a large amount of nostalgia for the Khajiit culture she fell in love with.
  12. Aurora loves to read and has multiple trunks full of tomes, novels, letters, missives, and so much more she has picked up during her travels.
  13. Of all the places she has visited, Dark Moon Grotto is her favorite environmental location, but Black Heights is by far her favorite town.
  14. She currently owns 22 horses and most definitely plans to own as many as possible.
  15. Each non-combat pet she has picked up in a zone, willfully or not, is always given a permanent residence in said zone so the animal or creature will thrive in its natural environment.
  16. She believes mermaids to be real and is determined to one day see one.
  17. She cannot paint. At all. There are stories to support this.
  18. If she has not engaged in battle for more than two hours, she always exercises, preferably with cardio.
In Love With the Dawn
  1. She is by no means a morning person but does love to see the sun rise.
  2. She knows how to play the lute on an amateur level but is usually too busy to practice.
  3. She gets 6 hours of sleep per night on average. 4 if she’s in the middle of a serious conflict. Yes, this impacts her health, but being the hero type doesn’t exactly afford much in the way of proper rest.
  4. Her goal is to have at least one locally run business (with 90% of profits going to those in need in that region) or shelter in each zone of Tamriel by the end of her life.
  5. She doesn’t plan to have children because she plans to travel and help others for the rest of her life. She feels that the danger she gets into for most of the year would result in poor parenting. She plans to instead ensure any orphans or neglected children she comes across find proper shelter or a good family before she will move on.
  6. She does steal, but her thieving is within the rulesets of Khajiit culture as she was taught. And she also will always refuse to steal from anyone less fortunate or ill. Being a member of the Thieves Guild, she will also never take from a guild member. Her views on thievery wax and wane, however.
  7. She hums to herself often and will make up songs if she is in an especially good mood.
  8. Vacation hasn’t been a thing for her since she left home a couple years ago.
  9. But if she did go on vacation, she’d revisit Dusktown for a time or stay in Senchal with Aeliah and go have a few beach days.
  10. She does go visit Aeliah Remnus in Senchal every so often, or at least write her, because she is her best friend.
  11. Her favorite animal is the fox
  12. Her favorite insect is the torchbug by far. She’ll find that someone else she will meet soon also has a love for adorable flying insects.
  13. The PTSD she has developed because of everything she’s gone through causes her to sleep fully geared in almost every instance.
  14. Although her parents are priests of Stendarr, she is not sure if she follows the Eight Divines, nor is she particularly religious after the many encounters she’s had with daedric princes and god-like beings.
  15. That being said, Sheogorath somehow charms her. He’s obnoxious and dangerous, but she somehow sees where he’s coming from. Which concerns her.
  16. She used to never eat breakfast until she started traveling often. Now she has to have breakfast every morning and eats a lighter lunch.
  17. Her favorite breakfast is from Markarth. Eggs over easy, potato wedges, and sautéed veggies using the egg yolk as a sauce.
Vacation Sweet VacationOne Day
  1. She has no tattoos but dreams of one day having a sleeve or at least a couple.
  2. Her dream home would be more of a dream plot of land. Preferably somewhere warm and by a body of water. Lush and full of mature trees. With a cozy cottage that has a large kitchen, a good view, and room for a guest or two.
  3. She keeps a trinket from each zone in a special trunk to remind her of the good times and culture she has experienced. She one day hopes to be able to display them in a home.
  4. Her favorite armor style so far has been Pellitine or Anequina. She loves how Khajiit cultures use a supple, more breathable leather and cloth combination.
  5. Her least favorite armor style has been the Nord styles not because of aesthetics but because the fur and metal makes her itch and sweat.
  6. She is morally against assassination and murder. While she will steal, even then she has stringent rules. If she is caught, she never kills her mark and instead uses an invisibility potion to slink back away.
  7. She loves the taste of cheese, but the cheese does not love her. It will upset her stomach, as will milk. Which confuses her when a Nord calls her a milk drinker, because she only drinks coffee, water, and tea.
  8. She absolutely and totally loathes Molag Bal and occasionally wishes she could kick his ass all over again.
  9. Although she very much feels at home in Blackreach and in jungles and forests, her favorite biome is the sea. She was always fascinated with sea creatures as a child and wished she could become a nereid or mermaid.
  10. After developing meditation as a stress-relieving skill in Malabal Tor, she now meditates for 15 minutes every morning while her coffee percolates. She cannot clear her mind, but she does picture herself walking through a place that comforts her.
  11. She has an excellent sense of humor, and if she does not laugh loud and often, that means her mental health is in a particularly bad state.
  12. Of the two alliance leaders she has worked with , Emeric and Ayrenn, she does respect Ayrenn more. She only wishes more Altmer would be as empathetic and down-to-earth.
  13. That being said, while part of the Daggerfall Covenant, Aurora did fight in Cyrodiil until reaching the rank of Captain. She cried herself to sleep every night and absolutely hated every aspect of war. She’d rather have to go back to Coldharbour.
  14. She’s never considered what profession she’d have if she wasn’t the heroic type. Everyone assumes business tycoon or interior designer, but she actually thinks she’d end up in something more along the lines of a service profession. She’s happiest when she’s helping someone.
  15. Two places she’d absolutely love to visit are Artaeum and Clockwork City, both to learn from those who run the two places. (hehe, of course she will be going there one day)
A Peek at Aurora’s Near Future While Visiting a Place from Her Past
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