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This week’s post continues the update to Aurora’s timeline! This is an ongoing project that guides you through Aurora’s major life events from birth to present day and even the future.

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Introductions: Part 1

“Upon learning I could choose a blog or website for my final project, my choice was obvious. So here we are!”

Introductions: Part 2

“…But my therapist tells me that healthy distractions are what we need to decompress from reality, so we can come back to our problems and conflicts with fresh ideas and the strength to face them. I needed my healthy distraction badly, so I made time where there was none.”

Introductions: Part 3

“”I’ll really miss you when this dream ends,” she said. Before Aurora could ask for clarification, Svana’s lips were on hers again and she temporarily forgot what words even were.”

Purpose & Plans

Where the Aurora DeWinter site and blog will be going from here!

Aurora’s Timeline of Events

Trying to keep up with what’s happening in Aurora’s life? Me, too. This handy timeline will be updated with major events, even looking toward the future!